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Fundamental Rights

CONCEPT OF FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS The underlying idea in entrenching certain basic and Fundamental Rights is to take them out of the reach of transient political majorities. The concept of Human Rights protects individuals from the excesses of the State. Such guaranteed rights can be limited or taken away only by the elaborate and formal process […]


  In our everyday life we come across a sign, word or pictorial representation which strikes a bell within us. Even a child recognises a mark like Kurkure on a particular packet of wafers or Gattu (mischievous boy holding a can of paint) just as well known symbol three pointed star on luxury cars has […]

Human Rights in India – Part 1

Meaning of Human Rights Certain basic rights are necessary, which all Human beings are entitled to irrespective of his or her nationality, race, religion, sex etc. and these basic rights are called Human Rights. Human rights are sometimes called fundamental rights or basic rights or natural rights. As fundamental or basic rights they are the […]

Human Rights in India – Part 2

Human rights in India require the existence and protection of a well-regulated society. Only the society and the state can guarantee these human rights to the individual. But to enjoy these rights perfectly the citizens of India too must observe the social norms properly. India has also enacted the protection of Human Rights Act in […]

Writ Remedy

Introduction Writ is a common law remedy provided to the people of India through the Constitution; vide Art.32 and 226 of the Constitution of India, 1950. Writs are one of the surest forms of remedy and only the High Court and the Supreme Court of India can issue Writs, and no other lower Court is […]


Will is a legal document which defines and describes the desire of the testator or the owner of the property to and in the manner of his wish to dispose off his property, which is to take effect only after his death. Unlike a contract the testator- maker of the will can at any time […]

The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace

Even since the Independence, we Indians have strived to become developed, but is it possible to develop if half of the population is barricaded to homes itself? So for the development of the country, their homes and themselves, the Indian women are taking the jobs and going to workplaces to cherish their freedom and rights […]

How to Form a Partnership

A]    INTRODUCTION– A partnership is an association between two or more persons who have come together to carry on some business activity. Mutual agency and to sharing profits of business so carried on are important characteristics of partnership. In other words, partnership is a business arrangement in which you can open up a new venture, […]

Relief to Common Man Under Consumer Protection Act, 1986

Mrs.Jyothi has purchased a new washing machine. She was happy that now she need not depend on the servant to do the washing job, she can do the washing with the help of washing machine. She was glad that she will be having more time now to watch her favourite T.V. serial and spend more […]